Boss Lion at Savannah Dead With 3 Hits

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Online official PC
The new Lion at the Savannah is a Special Enemy, but only took about 3 hits to kill.
Date, March 5th 2019
Server is PVE 1737
Update…still 3 hits to die and it gave me a Panther Head

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That lion is a reskin panther

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About Swagger Rock was the assumption that it was an easter egg and a reference to The Pride Rock from The Lion King. And now we have a lion sitting up there and we can be sure that the assumption is confirmed, i guess. :smiley:

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Well, that is the perfect reference, and a wonderful movie. Its a great touch and says a lot about the team. Just wanted to let someone know how it fought, hope you leave it.

Lion has 3440 hit points, which is 700 points above a panther. It does have a panther hide in the loot tables though heh heh (I’ll send a report). Doesn’t have a panther head though, not sure how that happened. Could be a mod going on there.

Panther-head could be random loot, i become lot of panther-heads also from npc’s of all kind.
Lion head = none seen. Or it would be a saber-tooth in the far north, and they drop very rarely heads.

I killed it multiple times and it drops a panther head every time along with feral flesh and feline pelt. Just as Saxons said, its a panther re-skin. Looks Cool though, Just like Pride Rock from The Lion King. Hope they leave it.

I love it. I was always wondering why the game about Conan has no lions in it - after all, Conan’s “pirate name” on the Black Coast was Amra, the Lion.


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