Boss Mechanics for Excitement

Bosses are boring and straight forward, not to mention really easy regardless what difficulty setting it is.

I suggest some mechanics to bosses, inspired by Final fantasy 14, WoW, and Tera (these are the only games I know with some good mechanics)

Black Keep: The silent legion boss is silent but deathly slow, there needs to be a rage mechanic at a certain percentage or random interval after losing health where it speeds up and attacks more often.

All bosses should have some sort of dialogue as well. And a closing to the entrance/exit upon entering and aggroing the boss so that no one can escape until they die or kill the boss, all players who die should have their inventory be spawned outside the entrance of the boss room.

At 75% Health the boss should summon 4 ethereal blades that will strike all sides of the room and Grant the boss an ethereal aura that makes him impervious to all damage, to nullify this, players must destroy every sword within a certain time. As time passes the aura will slowly glow red, the longer, the darker, and if players fail to destroy the swords in time the boss will have a dialogue and move the aura into it’s sword and rotate slash in a 360 which will damage and instant kill everyone in the room automatically. In the event that players do destroy the swords in time the aura will implode on the boss and make him kneel for a few seconds before getting back up again to fight indicating players survived the mechanic.

Dialogue: “Wretched fools, my swords grant me strength of which you couldn’t comprehend”
(Summoning the four swords)
(Failure to complete the mechanic)

At 50% health the boss should jump in the air and float there while throwing it’s sword into certain areas of the room that will cause a torrent of magical slashing waves in all directions that reach a certain distance, once the attack is finished it vanishes in a glow and reappears in the bosses hand to do it again, should be done at least five times before the mechanic ends and drops back to the ground.

Dialogue: “Feel the wrath of the undead!”
(Jumps into the air and floats)

At 25 percent the boss should create glowing magical orbs in the air that will burst in time and damage players, this can be avoided by using a bow to destroy the orbs before they explode.

Dialogue: “Beware exiles, the magic that strikes the soul!”
(Preparing the orbs animation)

I feel like this all would make the fights much more longer and exciting and something to look forward to, especially needing an actual group to fight the boss which should scale with the server settings to balance it out. I’d prefer the possibility of being wiped and having a hard time trying to get the best gear in the game than to have a mundane experience and get it easily.

Hmm… Looks like MMO boss mechanics that really wouldn’t fit the setting.
Check out some Dark Souls boss fights. I’d prefer something more along those lines.

But they definitely should do ‘something’ to make the fights interesting.

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Every time I hear Dark Souls fight, my mind screams “Monster Hunters did it first, and better.” XD

I may be a tad biased… <.<

I really like Monster Hunter too, but I prefer PC so I have more experience with Dark Souls.
I got Monster Hunter III Ultimate on the 3DS and the controls are just garbage (even with the adapter thingy that adds another analog stick). I’d love those games to be on PC.

Something similar to Monster Hunter fights would also be nice. I just wouldn’t want MMO style fights in this game, it would be really out of place.

Not a fan of cheesy mid-fight dialogue myself, but I do think that bosses (and alphas) could be more exciting.

However the bosses are as they are because they play into PvP. They’re fairly predictable, but they’re also in very hot spots as far as server PvP goes. If you’re fighting the Silent Legion boss, you run the risk of an enemy clan running up on you. Same goes for the world Legendaries. When you fight a boss, you’re at a place of disadvantage should you be ambushed by an enemy clan. The bosses themselves are exciting to a certain extent on their own, but it’s this idea that you could be ambushed during the fight that makes them even more exciting.

Well it’s just an idea, perhaps an mmo style mechanic wouldn’t fit but I feel like there should be an actual challenge… I shouldn’t be able to kill the silent legion boss with a bow and poisonous arrows much less glitch it into the stairs so it doesn’t move, and yes dark souls and monster Hunter type mechanics would make the game just phenomenal