Boss Mob Suggestion Rare

So the idea is by far not really originally, but i guess many will like it:

Mob: Drake
Type: Ground Unit/Flying Unit
Name: Lindworm
Tameable: No [Drops an Egg with 5% Chance]
Rideable: If hatched and grown, yes

Open for Suggestions:

Healthpoints: ???
Attack Dmg: ???
Special Attack: ???

I think this could be a great new Mob, which is very hard to obtain and to kill. It should only spawn in the highlands/vulcano and there should only spawn one at all, so people gather to kill and obtain the mob, even if the chance is very low.

That mob could make traveling faster, since the map is quiete big and could change attacking/raiding bases quiete more interesting. As counter there could be a Crossbow.

This is just a suggestion/idea. Im open for your ideas and let’s see where this maybe could lead to.

No. Absolutely no. No flying mounts. And riding dragons or giant worms or “drakes” has no basis in Howard’s Conan lore.


Very much this response. While I appreciate that the OP likes that stuff and it makes sense (maybe) in other worlds and settings it doesnt make any sense for the Hyborian era setting.


Agreed. However I would love it if the dragons at the Un-named City would produce capturable pets.

Given that according to the lore on dragon horns & bones, the only reason they exist at all is because of the Giant-Kings’ sorcery…I’m going to say probably not.

Although, now that I’ve said that…we already know how to use Darfari powders to create our own undead, including skeletal serpentmen. I suppose an argument could be made for skeletal dragons, like the Undead Dragon in the Arena–only WAY LESS powerful.

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