Bosses Resetting to 100%

20 minutes fighting a boss with basic weapons, down to 20%…then…it resets to 100% because it passes some invisible trigger. Is this an annoying bug or a new feature to make bosses the reserve of the super-fighters?

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Were you leading it away from its spawnpoint?

Part of the last Live patch, if you, leash him too far from it’s home, it resets, if you perch yourself even on a pebble stone that the boss think it can’t get to you, it resets, if you shoot arrows at a distance greater than it leash or while on top of a boulder, tree, etc, it resets, this goes for all mobs in game now.

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Yes hapend whit normal mobs to.

it’s stupid!!!

bow and arrow is not usable in the game now :frowning:

look at the clip


the life of the wolf goes straight up again as soon as you climb on something,
not fun if you fight with a boos long and life goes straight up again as soon as you climb on something

you don’t have time to recover your life!!
true ?

Yes spec if you are in ex the crocodil Cave or somthing simular, cant kill antrhing ther now,

They need to fix this so the npc can fight the player when elevation-difference is below a certain threshold. If you stand on a pebble, it shouldn’t matter, and the fight should go on. Maybe this is a ‘feature’?

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