Bosses won't go through gates - Video

I created a small coliseum to kill a nearby 3 skulls scorpion boss, but he just won’t go through the gates:

I tried with stairs and ramps, but nothing.
Anyone know if this is about the gates? I really don’t like breaking the walls to let the scorpion in every time.

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try stairs instead of ramps like straight stairs not the edge ones? idk

Thanks for the suggestion!
Stairs were my first choice, didn’t work. I built those ramps instead, didn’t work either.

my next suggestion would be, 1 more row of foundations and then stairs

My suggestion would be: a proper gate with gate doors. The gate is about 3 tiles wide and 3 or 4 blocks high. Just destroy the foundations and the ramp, then place 3 fence foundations, and place your gate there, finish with the huge gate doors, et voila.

Do you think bosses will go through it?
They didn’t with full gates and door over simple foundations :confused:

It worked for me during my purges because I adjusted the height of the fence foundation - lowered - so the stupid game AI doesn’t “think” it has to cross an obstacle (hence the enemies not crossing ramps although crocs and hyenas are a bit smarter).Your courtyard is great and big enough so I hope my tip helped you. Please post a new video if it has worked!

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