Bost system, fishing system, tame system, beredning system

In My stream we talk about what can be added to make the game grow even more. Boats like smal boat with paddels for sea travling ord fishing. We have talk about fishing system we ar missing fiskingpike, fishnet to throw it from Side of the boat, abillity to tame animals to havet a compenions with You and level them. Beredning the animals to Herting god War mounts or War animals. level Up system for our workers in our homes and fighters and artchers. Abillity to paint our homes. More curws parts for building. The se so Manny ides. You ar welcome to comeback and talk with ous om My stream in mixer. Good i Love this game. Oyeah i forgot mounts a War ponny Wold be great with defrent War saddle armor creations options. :rofl: