Bottomless thrall pots that never fill up

I just spent the better part of an hour filling up Thrall Pots and still, the volume of food in the pot looked near empty. I took it upon myself and keep track of the food that I was placing in the pot and the total amount of food placed in just one thrall pot was 150,000 food items-- of shredded Roast, Haunch, water, and Honey Gruel. The pot never rose beyond what it was when I started. It still looked empty.

I don’t know about anyone else—save a friend of mine whole spends more time decorating and redecorating his house that exploring-- but I hate that crap. My friend wonders why I spend more time in the single player instance than I do on his server. I am so tempted to return to ESO that it isn’t funny.

I know, “good-bye, right!”

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You dont need to feed anything… Stop putting food in there.

Food (only the right one) gives thralls 1 hour buff. You will see an Icon, when they fight.

But only the right one gives buffs. They will eat anything and will never stop… its a weird mechanic.

So, dont Invest time gathering food for your pets or thralls. Only for yourself!

Sorry but i laughed at the your post mate. Sorry you didn’t get the memo on the thrall feeding mechanics. That would have saved you a few hours of “feeding” :smile:

On the other hand, dear developers, why don’t we just remove the thrall pots and pets food boxes?


The same with the coin molds… have no purpose at all.

Eso combat, imo, sucks. I recently went back for a day, 470cp stamina nightblade, no new armor since imperial city launch, and I was able to survive and compete in battlegrounds bc the rotations never changed.

I left eso for day 1 alpha Conan, ironically enough.

Ummm, we haven’t fed thralls for months? You might want to start reading the patch updates, probably less time spent than filling up bottomless troughs.

If you’re a casual player returning after few months these patch notes can seem bottomless as well!
Personally I’m still unaware of 50% of the newest content

I’ll surprise you. I’m not the author of this thread, and I know “feeding mechanics” but I’m still feeding my Thralls and Pets. Roleplay & immersion, you know. And constant buff for all of them without stuffing them one by one when Purge comes. By the way @Jallard was speaking of purely cosmetic effect of “full Thrall Pot”. Food is not consumed at once even today. You can use Thrall Pot/Feed Box for saving your own food until you learn Ice Box provided you have much food and a few Thralls/Pets.

Don’t the different pets need different food to get the buff? And is there any way to assign certain pet to certain food box? To be honest I stopped wondering what’s going on when i saw that food is insta used without knowing where it goes…

You can put all kinds of food into one box, they will take the best one for them. Thralls as well - the best food first.

Cool, thanks for the tip!

Put your cooked food into your Feeding Box, Pets will not touch it. Thralls eat even raw meat - but not instantly if you put it into Thrall Pot. They don’t like various soups or feasts so you can store them while there is some meat or cooked fish for Thralls.

Things in feeding box don’t expire?

The timer is much higher. Same with normal feeding box.

Yes, minimum 10 times longer or even more. I’ll try to put Yellow Lotus Potion there in the evening, just for testing purposes :wink:

poor man’s fridge :pensive:

Lol, right? Just make an icebox…

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