Bought Membership -> No Boxes

I bought a 1 year membership (a few days ago actually), but I don’t have my boxes. Is there a wait to get them? Will I get them? The payment went through so…

There’s a couple of threads else where on the forum about this subject. Something about you had to click on the advertisement for it prior to starting the sub to get the boxes, otherwise you just got a plain old 12 month sub.

I haven’t followed it so I don’t know if Funcom is addressing the issue or what. Worth a /petition or direct communication with them.

Here’s one I found on the subject: The Event sub reward is missing

Okay, thank you. I hope that they fix it because it wasn’t clear that I had to click the banner. I’ve sent in a support.

Gonna take a week at least

It’s been just over a week since I bought it and sent a ticket. About how long will it take? Has there been any official word on whether or not those of us who still paid the exact same amount will get our boxes?

I had to wait 15 days

Okay, thank you. I really want this issue resolved and with the support changes I’m started to lose hope and get really annoyed. I’ve always tried to give Funcom the benefit of the doubt but…

It has now been 2+ weeks with no response on my ticket. I sent in a Petition and I got a response within 5 days, saying that it will be addressed. I’m just worried I’ll never get the boxes I paid for…

I pay for my subscription month by month… last payment was on March 7 again for 1 month, I got the box, it says payment approved but I’m still not premium. I sent email still no answer. Is the wait time for tickets 2 weeks? Wtfffffff? Not even a f announcement that wait time for tickets is 2-3 or 20 weeks… come on funcom

I got a response back and got my boxes! It took awhile, but I’m thankful Funcom was able to resolve the issue.