Bought the game, wrote issue, money taken, no game

Hy. I would like to get some technicaql feedback since i bought the game on the website, added my steam account identity, but it wrote after the pay out there is a problem and your website cant give the game, but my moneyy was taken from my account. No no money no game. Pls help!

@1fastfire1 The technical support forum is going to give you the slowest response since it’s not a billing/purchasing support forum.

If you bought the game from, it’s processed by xSolla, you’ll probably get faster service contacting them directly at

If you bought from steam, I’d contact them at

I had this issue with xsolla, namely because I transposed my CVC number the first time I tried to pay. At that point, xsolla put a lock on their system to avoid letting me pay for it. I finally had to call them to get them to unlock it so I could use the card again. Then it worked fine.

As far as “my money was taken from my account”, I suspect you mean this transaction is in the “pending” category. It’s not actually taken out of your account until the charge moves from pending to active. That happened with mine, because I tried to re-pay several times (their payment website is terrible for communicating that they put this lock and it will never work unless you contact them.)