Bought Time Card

Hi, Funcom Bought time card brand new I was only one that open package which was sealed well by company. payed $19.99. Put number to redeem key and gives massage that could find it or it might have already been used. How could that be if i was only one open new package. anyways now won’t give me credit for it. Help

They haven’t accepted time cards for 2+ years now.

Try and get a refund from where you purchased it.

I can confirm this. I had gotten one a couple of years back and when it didn’t work contacted F/C. They came out and told me those weren’t being accepted anymore.

Thankfully I had gotten it via Amazon so was able to get a refund. All those are worth now is if you’re into collecting the different pictures on them.

I tired get refund dude refused. oh well i guess i lost but funcom should answer my freaking question. is there JOB