Bounty hunters - seen any lately?

I was wondering as i haven’t seen any bounty hunters myself lately, if they no longer appear once you stop “laying low in the limelight” by default or if it’s just RNG

Since going to SA, have you seen any ?

Bounty what now? I think someone asked me for a chocolate bar.

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Nope…not since the release of SA.

Agreed, not seen one since SA launch, even spending some time in BF and KD in particular.

Mayby Un-Funcom can monetarize this?

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I could swear I was attacked by a bounty hunter while in SA. Was that something else as part of the story?

Indeed, there are some attacks during the first playthrough of the SA story.

Those attacks are scripted.
I asked a bit around…nirvelle sadly neither confirmed or denied the absence of bountyhunters.

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Wait, weren’t we hunted by bounty hunters while we were "lying low?’ Once the character has progressed in the story to SA, I guess it made sense to me that they disappeared by design.

The bounty hunters showing up the first time you are playing through the South Africa storyline seem to suggest that they aren’t done hunting us.

I see one every time I run the “Espionage” side mission in New Dawn :slight_smile: It’s the same guy that tried to snipe me twice and blow up my shack during the first story run through the New Dawn missions.

Ah, my fault for using “Esc” on scenes I’ve watched before :laughing: Forgot about that.

Just saw someone show a pic of one. So they still exist…maybe they got rarer?

I just got 2000 shard express in BF regional farming :smiley:

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You are welcome Keeper. Apparently my toon has not made it to SA yet :thinking:

Oh wait! Wrong farm! Well we got one hunter also just about an hour ago. It was my hunter, even tho I have done SA

I saw two Bountyhunters today? Did they ninja them in again?

Today running some lairs with various groups i ran across 5. Not sure if they’ve turned on a switch or if it was extreme RNG at both ends. But can confirm they are still around :slight_smile:

In the last 3 or 4 days I’ve started seeing Bounty Hunters again in Lairs. Before that I hadn’t seen any in months.

OMG! One came at BF boss fight the other day!

One came after my on Monday whilst fighting the regional filth bird.
Was quite surprised to see it.