Bounty hunters - seen any lately?


Also saw one. Also during a BF filth bird fight. Maybe all the bounty hunters are spawn camping there?


Bounty Hunters in abundance at lair regionals , seen 4 at one location alone last night.


I had a bounty hunter show up yesterday when i was in the Oni Hell area trying to chase that rascal Fuun…


As it was in TSW…in SWL I have stopped counting the hunters coming after me (even more lately)…and still think they should be coming after me in groups.

and Fuun is never fun :thinking:


I miss the time they popped like no tomorrow. Why Funcom why did you “fix” them ;_; ?


they where often a surprise

and I liked it when I saw the under surveillance buff, before they poped up^^


I have been hit lately in every zone since completion of the mystery basket. Enjoy the surprise and tactical run, even died once walking away to get some refreshments. LOL About once a day now.