Bounty Hunting Challenge bug

Single player

Bounty Hunting: turn in a head and a body
Turning in the body works but turning in the head does not count toward completion. I’ve only tried once so I’ll try again but it shouldn’t fail at all so I’m reporting it as a bug.

Edit: The second time also failed. I noticed this time that it said I did not have a sorcerers head even tho I did and the skull does appear in the kettle. I got the reward from the slavers but still it did not count toward completion for the challenge.

2nd Edit: It worked on the third try. But Funcom, if you’re gonna put your slavers right next to a hostile faction how bout working out your faction issues? I went after the sorcs at Skulkers End and when I killed the Darfari near the slavers they all turned hostile.

I believe those are common or uncommon challenges. If you’re simply just doing everything, I understand your frustration. However, I recommend skipping over any common or uncommon challenges anyway. Only do the rare and legendary to complete the pass quicker. That way your stack of multipliers will fall into those categories more often. Just always leave the first three undone unless you accidentally complete one. That way you’ll never have to even worry about this particular challenge.

I only had one rare challenge. I rerolled a couple of times but the rng was bad. I’m going with what I have now until reset. Besides if the thing is broken it should be fixed common or not.

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Usually I just say screw it when that happens. I chalk it up to bad luck. From there, I just go about playing normally without the challenges for that day. Come the next day, I have more multipliers.

As you say in the 2nd edit, you have to keep handing in heads until it gets counted. This is the same fault as the “turn in a head” challenge. That’s the bugged part. I usually collect half a dozen skulls before turning them in. At least one should count.

Also: If you do the challenges in solo as admin and creative mode, you can just admin spawn skulls to hand in.

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