Bovine Leather - Exquisite Materials

Instead of the usual leather or hide material components attached to recipes, I wonder if we could have materials that bypass the requirement and alter the outcome cosmetically at least if not otherwise.

For example, I love the looks of cow hide. I have a polyester blanket that keeps me warm and has the pattern of a cow hide on the silky feeling side. I adore my blanket and take it wherever I go. :orange_heart:

I don’t care about the durability in essence so maybe that allows me to sense this dilemma from the opposite perspective, to a degree. Hence the tiering of certain items simply feels like an artificial stretch.

If I want a belt to hold my pants up, why do I need to make it from specific leather found from the opposite end of the site and not that which is abundant amongst the biome layer I tread on?

(In the picture is my blanket.)

To make the worn gear feel more personal and make the tiering interesting, my choice would be bovine element. What’s yours?

Is there bovine in the game ?

To my knowledge no. It was an example that incorporates a colour pattern that I love. :blush:

Doesn’t necessarily have to be bovine though. My point was that instead of every hide (and scale…) to be transformed to the monotonic (boring) version, we could process each in their individually differentiating form and have them all make each armour piece differ cosmetically. Id leave the durability variable for the processed leathers instead.

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