Bow DPS Dropped

My friend and I play on Isle of Siptah on a modded server. Right before this new update, we were averaging like 8.4k DPS with our bows, but now we’re getting around 645 DPS on the same bows with this new update.

I know the patch notes state the bows now do less damage the further away you are, but there’s no way it should reduce the damage this much. And the DPS should change the closer I get to the enemy.

I’m not sure if anybody will know about this bug since I’m on a modded server, but are there other players that are having the same issues?

The range modifier they changed doesn’t do anything until like 80 foundations away. More than likely it’s a mod, many internal things were changed and many mods are broken at the moment.

Definitely mods. I haven’t run the parser with bow damage specifically, but I don’t think we were ever approaching anywhere near 600+ DPS in the vanilla game with ideal conditions and bis archery equipment.

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