Bow/Great Axe of the Grey Ones location?

I’ve found everything but these two weapons. Has anyone found them?

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I guess that’s a no then…

I still need both of these as well and I have checked everywhere :frowning:

I found a know in The Fractured City. When I get close to it, I am to interact with it, but I can’t for some reason. It might be the bow, but im not sure

I believe the Great Ax and Bow are bugged. You can still get them as drops so still good for thrals.

feel fre to look what u need

Still haven’t found those specific ones. Curious though as I haven’t tried to use the Forge of the First Men, if we craft them are they the exact same as the ones that drop or are any of the stats different?

I have searched a lot myself and inside the Fractured citadel there are weapons sitting on the ground that say press to interact. Unfortunately when you attempt to interact nothing happens. I have yet to find the great axe or bow though.

and it shows that it would be the same however I have not crafted one myself yet.

Yeah, I’ve been just using the ones I loot because I wasn’t sure if there was a reason to use the resources. I found the Forge tonight though so I may go back tonight and just test it to see if it’s better than the plethora of dropped ones I already have.

So the master repair kit can repair the greater axe but it cant repair any of the other weapons…

The map doesn’t have the Bow or Greataxe. I use that map all the time :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to report back, no difference between the dropped items and the crafted one. It’s easier to just farm the weapons by killing Grey Ones and use legendary repair kits to fix/mod them.

Axt yes, but still missing the bow at moment. And i want this bow to ! :yum:

So, where did you find the recipe for the great axe?

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