Bow still can 1-2 shot, Horses can still 1 shot. and it needs patched with more broken pvp

Well said well said indeed.

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I would say that is more the RNG issue than nerf/buff issue. And we are both on the side of something better than grind lotto.

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The problem is “fun” is subjective.
Some think mind numbing faceplate combat is fun. Some want do the dance of death for 1 hour in a 1v1 and call it fun.

I usually only support something being “nerfed” because it displaces another mechanic entirely. Bows dmg is not the issue, but the fact there is no real risk if someone closes the gap on bow user. They can stand toe to toe with a tanked out melee fighter. Or poison/bleed DoT making armor rating non existent because it is the best way to win a 1v1 pvp fight. Removing the need to upgrade weapons beyond stone if you get reaper recipe. Sure epic weapons make it easier, but light armor wearing stone dagger wielding should NEVER beat an Epic Heavy Armor Yog Touch wielding player with Vit 4 perk.


Not sure why making all these things you can make and build and have them removed or made pointless easily was needed .

Build a defensible base with expensive time consuming farming and crafting materials and designing and have it reduced to rubble using items that take half the time to make and farm.

Use a trebuchet ? Why bother when you can use a portable instant use item in large numbers easily to do it faster.

Craft high end gear ? Why bother again when one/ two debuffs make it pointless and a waste of time to do so.

Explore the map? Why when all that you need in 5 or less places to do everything you need to do .

They are casualling the game to death and making all the creative process used to make the map and its mechanics frivolous.

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I will say with the latest bleed balance pass, they may be starting to refine mechanic wheel. IE not having 1 mechanic make multiple other useless. That is the key to balance imo. Dmg and stats are easy targets, but the real ingenuity, and to me what makes some games stand above others and the test of time, is making mechanics feed and combine in different ways allowing for multiple paths to victory or “fun”.

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Exactly my view as well especially the last line of your statement.

I’m 100% with you on that. I’ve been campaigning against excessive RNG for so long that I feel like a broken record.

Precisely. That’s why it always bothers me when someone says PVE players should stay out of PVP discussions. Most PVP players don’t understand how PVE players have fun. If we don’t speak up about how proposed changes affect our fun, who is supposed to do it for us?

I honestly can’t think of a good way to make bows viable and balanced, because melee fighters are always going to complain about it.

What make a weapon viable? The chance to kill the other player. How can an archer kill a melee fighter? If an archer has a chance to kill a melee fighter from a distance, players are going to complain about how “bows can 1-shot me”, even if it takes closer to 3-4 shots than just one.

If the archer cannot get a kill before the melee fighter closes the range, that means the archer needs a good chance to survive a close-range fight, in which case players are going to complain about how “archers can stand toe to toe with tanked out melee fighters”.

So how do you please both of those groups without completely nerfing bows into a secondary weapon that isn’t a viable choice on its own? And if they’re not supposed to be viable on their own, then why the hell have archery-related perks for accuracy attribute? Might as well rework the whole thing.

Which brings us back to PVE, where you have players who like playing as archers and won’t be happy that you made their weapon of choice useless again. :man_shrugging:

I’m not saying nothing needs to be changed, by the way. I’m just saying that I don’t think Funcom will ever be able to please all of you; some of you will have to cede something and adapt.

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Again with this asinine comment. Pve players asked for none of the above changes. Npc’s don’t use horses or animation cancels and we certainly didn’t ask for changes to the healing system. Pvp players cried for all these nerfs. Stop babbling.