Bows - Hunting Boost

Just thought of this, since I’ve been playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider for the past week or so. One of the bows, for the Exiled Fox, gave increased damage to animals during hunting.

Seems like it’d be a worthwhile addition to Exiles, especially with bows being sub-par anyways.

Something like a 50% to 100% damage increase, but only against animals. Adds more of a survival edge to hunt your skins and meat with a bow. Rather than just walking up with a melee weapon.


It could be a good idea to have weapons designed to be more effectives against certain types of foes.

But this will requires creatures in the game was already tagged with their creature type, I’m not sure this is true in CE.

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I’ve also been thinking about asking to nerfing deer in the Highlands. They’re as tough as bricks sometimes and can’t get them low level before they start running away faster than I can.

At high level you should be able to kill them with one or two heavy hit with a two handed sword. Trying to kill any deer, antelopes, gazelles with a bow is hazardous at best. If the 1st shot doesn’t kill one, it run away faster than you can follow.

That’s the whole point of the idea.

For animals that you hunt, ie the antelopes/deer/gazelles/crocs/hyenas/birds/shalebacks, the bow should be doing high damage. Enough to make it worthwhile to hunt with.

I don’t see why a bow should do more damages to animals when you hunt than to any other creatures you don’t hunt but fight.
Hunting is a skill irl. I’d like it to be a skill too in CE but that isn’t the case. Female deer are so quiet you can get close enough to hit them with a melee weapon and one or two shot them. Male deer will attack you on spot and aren’t that difficult to kill, except for the elk boss. No hunting skill needed to do that.

It’s more to reflect a hunting skill. With a bow you could pick your shots and hit vital areas, ie doing much more damage. Such as hitting it in the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.

It would make a good Accuracy perk for 50 Accuracy.

It shouldn’t be that high. It would only work on animals as a hunting thing for making resource gathering easier. 20 or 30 would be more appropriate.

How about a perk to the Survival attribute? Once you have this perk, hunted animals reveal their vital parts. If we hit those parts with an arrow flung, they either drop instantly or suffer considerable amount of damage or even get crippled (depending which part we hit).

Anyway, the idea is a great one.

It’d probably be much more complex for them to do this. To make the vital area “glow” as it does when using Survival Instincts in Tomb Raider, and then the scripting to govern where the arrow hits the animal, and handling damage from that.

It’s easier to just do a damage increase vs animals. And easier would have a better chance of implementation.


Significant enough increase toward hunted animals, that is. How about pets (and maybe thralls). The way they behave, would this include them as well or only those that are wild?

Thralls aren’t animals, so no it should not affect them.

I would say anything classified as an animal should be affected.

Deer, crocs, hyenas, rhinos, elephants, gorillas, etc.

But no humanoids, no undead, no abnormal monsters like dragons or the like.

So the dragons here aren’t like comodos?

Eh, I think Dragons are just really too high end and useful to kill, moreso than the normal animals. That might make the inclusion of dragons a bit gamebreaking, if you had something like this that could more easily take them down.

Trying to make it at least a bit on the balanced side.

Crocs in general are fairly weak. Even at lv30-40…with mix of stats, Crocs are near 1 shot to head, but Doe in north? Maybe near 1 shot. XD

There some tough sobs.

Overall the deer could use abit of health drop, For week animal that can’t fight back… that can take power shot to head, when a Croc who has hard skin and thick skull dies. lol

Hyenas aren’t to bad, ones in lower parts die easy, and further north (away anyway) from main newbie river have abit more health.

Bows In general need overhauls in damage. what I can 1 shot two-hand, takes 7-8 power shot to head. And its…just WTF.
Granted, this is leveling up, with out stat dump set up for bows. They can be pretty nasty End-End game. But there kinda panzy till then.

There my main weapon. XD

Doe’s in general have alot of health. Much like Wolves do. (basic ones) By time you start moving north… you realize Elder Elk (who takes 2-3 ps to face) or basic one aren’t to bad, and Does are abit of pain compared to something like bears or boars. Then you meet wolves, who are like mid-bosses, lol. Who takes 4-5 PS.

Then you meet Corrupted Wolf and all hope is lost… XD
Thou there health isnt to bad.

Too-good-to-kill-fast usually means that a bottleneck is involved. Am I correct by saying that killing a dragon yields gear or something used to defend our bases? Close to endgame or something, but can’t be acquired from anywhere else than from dragons?

I don’t know what exactly the benefits of killing a dragon are. I haven’t made it that far in-game as of yet. I stopped playing months back with a base at Lakewatch to start mass production of steel and steel-related items.

I ventured a bit into the central map plains area on scouting, but then I moved to another game, and only recently started a new game to play back up with the newer update material. And currently I’m camped just north of Dustdevil Ridge, to start some basic steel production for weapons and the like, and to get a Wheel of Pain going for raids on the Darfari nearby, before I head back towards Lakewatch again.

Good to know. Maybe I’ll check the wiki, unless someone here knows and throws the answer faster. :smile:

Looks like Dragons give these:

Basically high grade weapons.