Boxes expire despite regular use of the bug

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hello I have the following problem and although I have today 20 boxes just expired and a temple, I have always been on the road regularly in the game. all my tools and all my slaves who were in the boxes are all gone. The weird is just the boxes are gone my whole home is still asking for help.

Hey @Daenerys1

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
When checking your event log, does it state a loss of stability for those disappeared items?

in the log it decays even though I am always gone to the boxes the timer was then again at 168 hours decay. it just annoying just got so much playing time put in the 200 star metal away weapons all gone. it totally annoys

Did you have anything like candles, bowls, skulls on top of your chests? Alternately, did you have any of these things on top of a carpet?

There is a bug in the game where placeables on top of placeables will instantly put your containers into a short-term decay state.

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no and the boxes have been standing for a very long time there’s never happened anything except now i’ve been on the server for less than half a year i have never broken anything because i play very active

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