Boxes/Signs Suggestion

If you guys could allow for Wooden Boxes and Crates of various sizes to go on tables that would be very helpful. I know Large Chests can go on tables, but not always the desired option.

As well, would love to see Wall Signs be able to affix to Tables, Chests, Crates and Boxes. It would be very helpful for labeling for identification or decor.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


I always build my levels two walls high so that I can put a ceiling piece around the edges to hold storage on and then wall signs attach to the edge of the ceiling piece, this method is also more stable for the storage options than tables or shelves. You can fit three cupboards on a ceiling piece if you line them up right.

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That is a great suggestion. I did something similar in another game as well as using stairs to store boxes at different levels. I would like to see them implement tables as I want to have “Vendor wares” displayed on tables for trade.

I would love that, but first I would need them to fix the “oops, your chest that was on the table mysteriously lost stability and all your stuff from it is now gone” bug. :angry:

That would also be great!

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Thanks for the warning about the tables losing stability with chests. Good to know. I am switching over from Console to Steamdeck currently. Rebuilding better than before at the moment so I would like to avoid losing stuff. It happened to me on PS5 with an entire base I spent a week on. Frustrating. Thank you again.

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