Boys and girls, i need help with something

See, i love playing Conan exiles with a two handed sword…classic conan element, big, heavy skull cleaving, two handed razor sharp hunk of steel! I cringe when my toon gets interrupted swinging that big sword with every little tooth-pick poke! like, one handed weapons have better hyper armor. Annoying AF! So i want to be able to mod my singleplayer hyper armor on my two handed sword attacks, also want to add 1 stack of sunder on the overhead single chop that these two handers do, also i want to mod the heavy attack of the katana to cause 1 stack of bleed per attack, and the light combo finisher on the katana to stack 2 or 3 bleed stacks at a time( to make it worth while to use those attacks). i cannot find any information on how to do that online. I am not a coder, but i will figure out how to do it, if directed properly where to go and what to do. Would appreciate some help from the community.
Thanks a lot, and be blessed!

There a few mods with altered combat mechanisms and models.
Warrior Mutator
Savage Steel
Savage Steel II

not exactly what you describe, but they did go into the trouble of rebalancing.


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