Bracers Constantly Break After One Fight

Game mode: Online official [Official Server #6429 PvE]
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: *Oceania
Mods?: No

Bug Description: No matter which set of bracers I equip (and I have tried about 6 different kinds, inc. legendar), the bracers reduce to 0 and are unwearable after one combat, even when I have not been struck. I just logged in after the most recent update and tried it - I fired 7 shots at both human and animal NPCs and they broke on the 6th shot.

Expected Behavior: I would expect bracers to degrade over time, as previously was the case.

Steps to Reproduce: Login. Equip bracers. Engage in combat. They break after one combat.

Are you using Voidforged Bow? If so, that bow doesn’t use arrows but consumes durability from your gloves. It is its special ability. Try with another bow.


Hi Narelle. I have been using that bow on occasion. I’ll give it a whirl tonight with a different bow and see if that resolves the issue. I hope that’s just it!