Brainstorming for more Fragments of Power Options

1: Giant Kings Construction Options (Note: All the giant black structures you see around the Unnamed City)
2: More dragon trophies and statues
3: Conan statue in the style of the Kinscourge
4: Upside down fences (Compliment the normal fences)
5: Frost and Fire Katanas
6: Frost Giant armor
7: Skeleton Weapons (Kind of low level weapons that are made with bone, a weathered skull at the end of the hilts, that kind of thing. You can upgrade them later on like you did with the DLC Weapons. Craft them with better materials.)
8: Burning Skull Torches (You see these in some Darfari camps, but I think it’d be cool if you could add wall torches of the sort too.)
9: Bone Construction Options (Make a base out of bone and skulls for those that want something different than stone or steel. Could be useful for Yog worshippers. Can use dragonbone as a higher level option for stronger protection)
10: Potion Resistance to Corruption (5 Fragment (?)
11: Bloodthirst Great Sword: A Two-Handed Sword that inflicts bleed. (Unlock other weapons of the sort, just like Venom Infused Weapons.)
12: The Locust’s Garb: An outfit that protects against poison

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