Brand New, Night Oriented dedicated Vanilla, 1x everything, Pvp server with 11pm-5am EST base destruction possible + Discord

Adrenaline Gaming Presents

Officially Open May 8th

Night Shift Pvp! - Not everyone lives 9 to 5!

  • - Battle-eye Enabled
  • - 24/7 Pvp enabled - Base Destruction timer only 11pm-5am
  • - No mods - Vanilla
  • - No add ons
  • - Brand New Server
  • - Freshly starting community
  • - Happy to take individuals and clans alike
  • - 1x resources, experience, etc.
  • - Same Rules as any Official Server
  • - Discord channel with a large community that plays multiple different games!
  • Discord: Ask through pm (Forums won’t let me post links yet, sadly)
    Game Server: Adrenaline-gaming net PvP Night-Time Official Rules

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    nice to see a night time server!

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    Thank you, I thought so as well. :slight_smile:

    However, we definitely need more players! The more the merrier. :grin:

    Server will shut down tonight at 2am for release update and wipe. Server will re-open between 7am-10am after updates have been applied.

    Server is officially up and running! Wipe is done and the future is golden!