Bravo Funcom ! You nailed it!

Game mode: PS4 PRO [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc/lol]
Region: [I guess even playing from the moon will change little]

Nah, just kidding, you did not nail it.

For readers convenience I will mention only day one bugs…alive and kicking, plus a juicy new entry.
After the Midnight Grove Patch (October 5th 2018) :

  • Heavy stuttering everywhere. check, we got it.
    (ranging from the off-the-cliff-to-your-death type to run-into-my-base-walls-at-every-step type)

  • Lag/rubber banding. Check, we got it.

  • Heavy breathing infinite loop. Check, we got it (this has to be a record, seriously).

  • Wild eyes on T4 thralls. Check, we got it.

  • Thralls falling through ceilings/foundations/etc. Check, we got it.

  • Servers not showing on the server list. Check, we got it.

  • Blue screen crash. check, we got it.

  • New! water (rivers/lake) reflection glitch
    (the psychedelic effect from videoclips of the 80s is back ! grab your xray-glasses* and enjoy !)

                                                                                                             *Sea-Monkeys sold separately

In honor of truth
I can confirm that few very annoying bugs that plagued the game since the begin seem to be gone for good.

  • No more bloody screen on log in -> UPDATE> Bloody screen and half health log-in still present …
  • No more low health and messy nudity settings on log in -> UPDATE> these bugs still present …
  • No more low health spawning thralls
  • Thralls seem to have the right amount of aggro and actually attack things
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Wrong on all counts. Server 3561 has all of those things, as we speak.

yeah, that’s exactly the point of this thread…

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