Break down armor, weapons, tools

I have seen only one post on this topic, however I am posting this to better articulate the desired outcome of this suggestion.

Armor, weapons, and tools. As a player progresses or raids other basses, he/she will start to aquire full and partial sets or armor of lesser quality or of undesired motif.
Likewise with tools and weapons, having outgrown the use of stone, iron, and steel weapons and tools they find themselves stashing the discarded tools in a bench, chest, or just dropped on the ground in offering to the void.

This is a waist of space and resources. Having the ability to break down armor, weapons, and tools to recover 33.3% rounded down (of the remaining durability) of the total build cost for these items will allow players to reallocate those resources to other more important functions and help the war on space conservation that every player struggles with.

Please dev team, consider the ability to Institute this function.
Players, please post in here your support for this motion.

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i do have a mod that does just that but at 60% return of material. and It call savalge yard. It pretty easy to do since it just reverse look up recipe and give material.

Thank you for that info, sadly, I do not play on a PC. Thus I am unable to make use of this mod. I would like to see this function instituted on the console versions.

if mod was able to on xbox/ps4 id would so make one. but you know how it is with PR and rating and Console companies.

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I would be thankful if you might show your support for this to be added into vanilla for console players.

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Bumping for more love

This topic really needs more love and attention. I know a lot of people complain about this.

This would be a good idea. Though I feel when raided people would take everything instead of just what they want leaving me with absolutely nothing. Been raided a lot and luckily the old tools and weapons and armour are always left allowing me to at least feel like i haven’t been sent into the stone age each time.
But Maybe tools at least should be able to be broken down.

I just place all my unwanted old tools in open boxes wit a sign saying free loot in the desert. So far people have taken most of what i put in it. I feel its better then just dropping them to disappear.

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I can understand that side of it but when I’m raided they take it all and either keep it or drop it to the void. So there is that too. If things can be broken down at least it would keep things from being dropped to the void. And think of how much faster progression would be if you could reallocate at least a small part of those resources spent on armor and tools. I know it would save me a lot of trouble seeing as I have a clan mate who makes himself a new set of armor every other day because he wants to try a different upgrade or didn’t like how it was looking… Or some other excuse. At least I could get back something from his waistfulness. Lol

It’s been a few days, let’s bring this back. Who else has an opinion on this suggestion?

I think this should be implemented asap as a survival game salvage is the 1st thing you should be able to do is salvage old material and clear chest full of crap

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I think this is brilliant I play rp alot and this would be great in an rp instance even say you want an upgraded tool or armor or weapon you bring it to a blacksmith armorer or leatherworker to get the mats and have an upgraded piece made for a lower cost.

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A million times yes!

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