Break me foundations after hours

Hello, can someone explain to me how it is possible that a treasure relic hunter can demolish me foundations outside of the raid schedule

raid schedule 17:00 to 23:00

Some of the npcs in the game naturally carry demonfire and oil orbs. Some jerks that play this game like to lead these guys to people’s bases to “raid” during non raid hours.

Trolls gonna troll.


Any NPC can damage outside raid hours and has always been this way. It can be accidental too, like an elephant chasing a player, running into a base.

But it seems like the demom fire orb method is even better than worldbosses.
On Reddit people are also complaining about the same thing…

Y’all should see what someone can do to your base with your own Frost Giant Thrall… I refuse to put them anywhere near my stuff…

All someone has to do is climb up your structure just out of their reach and the giant will demolish your base.


Mhmm, I found it out when I was goofing around with my friends base. The Giant did a couple thousand damage to her door in a few minutes.


Well, that seems very bad to me, after hours it shouldn’t hurt anyone’s structures

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