Breaking the First Rule

I just wanted to share some thoughts on the classes in the recently added Rosenbrawl Fight Club in London. Personally I’ve been really enjoying it, and what seemed like a throwaway April Fool’s joke at first has actually turned out to be something I can see myself regularly coming back to. I was so pleased that in one update, Funcom have not only added the missing Museum stuff, but also answered our prayers regarding PvP, adding the Rosenbrawl and also reducing Shambala’s requirement to 5-person teams.

On to the classes. Or roles. Whatever they’re called.

For me this is the one I’m weakest at. It doesn’t hit as hard as the Heavy, and it’s not as manouverable as the Light. On the plus side, its defensive ability heals it slightly, and it’s charged-up abilities hit fairly hard. Light will run rings around it, but I find against Heavy it doesn’t always get decimated. The more I play it, the better I’m getting, but as it’s in the middle, it’s certainly the least forgiving to learn.

The slowest and hardest-hitting, Heavy hits like a truck. As long as you can stay in range without getting knocked down, it can dish out some serious punishment. Haymaker is mostly useful against NPCs, or when entering a fight already in progress, as no-one is going to see you telegraphing it and stick around to take it to the face. Hilarious when you can pull it off in fair combat, though. Heavy vs Heavy fights seem to come down to who can get the first hit in, and then just keep following up, unless you can get out of range to break that cycle. While its punches are slow to build up, enemies can go briefly out of range, and as long as they’re in-range at the end of the cast, you’ll still hit them.

King of the ring, from what I can tell. As the most manouverable, you can run rings around the others. Its dash is good for getting into and out of fights, though Light’s main advantage is its Roundhouse, which doesn’t require a target to be in range at the start of the cast, so if you time it well, you can hit them as soon as you enter their range. Also as it’s an AoE, you can get a some nice multikills. If you’re just starting out, Light is a good option for learning the ropes.

Anyhow, the fight club isn’t about winning or losing. What are other peoples’ takes on it?


Nice write-up about the classes! I got invited yesterday and managed to try it out before bedtime. I enjoyed it a lot! Felt like quick n dirty pvp where builds and gear doesn’t matter and opens up for everyone. Great FC, thank you! Light gloves was the most fun ones imo.

Tried it out, might be fun if not for reticle targetting. I just can’t be bothered when someone running behind my target steals reticle and I get “that target is out of range”. Maybe it’s better with fewer people in it, it was a solid 20 running around when I got in.

Felt like to me, that it lets you change the target mid cast. Had a few instances of hitting a light build with a Haymaker, that wasnt present when the cast was started.

What throws me for a loop, is less getting interrupted, and more the fact that Balanced and Heavy need a target in range to start a cast. To me that is the big advantage that light got over the other two.

I mean there isn’T much to add apart from something that bugged me…punches for the largest part need a target (apart light) which lets people attack you and run out before you can do any of the harder attacks. I wish it wouldn’t need a target and could be cast against the air.
Else it’s some freaking great brawl.^^

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It was mentioned that the Special Guests in the brawl are inspired by or directly reference members of the community. Does anyone have any clue as to the identities of the players they are based on?

The list of known ones is here (At this point I think it’s all of them)

But the people they are referencing are:

  • Pink Puddin’ - EvilPinkiePie
  • Tipsy Brawler - Tipsu
  • Bumbling Baker - Bumblebread
  • Lord Antler of the Barren Wastes - DasMoose
  • Ihsatay - Yatashi
  • Rehmov - Vomher
  • Crazy Kyat Lady - Kylaney

Has anyone fought Bison Ox? or uncovered the secret of Jonathon the Bun?

No to the first and I speak for everyone, and yes for the last :rofl:. Neither exist in the game right now. Someone went through the game files and found the NPC names, then didnt confirm if they really Spawn, before sharing the names.

Sounds like a conspiracy.

That’s what they said you’d say! :face_with_monocle:

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