Breast XL for free please?

Hello, I like this game Age of Conan Unchained and I got a success to stream it on Twitch, but, something give me a doubt. For exeple, I want the Breast XL option you can buy at Tarantia, but, you need real money for that… And, I’m jobless because of virus, lost my job, so I can’t pay to buy. So I have a question, because this make me cold to play it… Can I buy Breast XL with another things ingame ??? Thanks for your answer. I hope it’s ok because I want to make a sexy gurl in my game ! Kisses

Isn’t that an item you buy with gilding Tokens? You can get them by opening blue caches from daily challange, the epic ones can drop them as well I think. Also event quests grant you some of them. Not sure if the Halloween quests will be available this year but they give 2 or 4 I think.

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In addition to what Force said you also get them from the daily login bonuses. Just log in every day, I can’t remember how many you get from a months worth of login in 4 I think so after 4 months or so you’ll have enough.

No need to pay real money, just play the game.

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Thanks Force and Nebless for your answer :slight_smile: Ok I’m glad to hear that. thanks a lot ^^

argh so shame I saw it’s only a temporary effect. Snifft :’(

I think it lasts an hour but can be recast after an hour (the effect runs 60 minutes and the cooldown is 60 minutes as well, so once it runs out you can apply it again). You do not lose the ability itself, it just has a temporary effect and a cooldown, it bascially becomes a spell that you can use like any other.

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Ahhh I’m glad for that, so cool :smiley: Thanks a lot Force ^^ Bisous

Damn, need 10 coin ! I have 1 and I got 2nd in two days… ok, my big breast it’s not for tomorrow lol ^^ wait in 3 years I think :smiley:

It’s 4 per month if I remember, so, if you login regularly, it’s definitely less than that. :sweat_smile:

Gilding Tokens can also sometimes (not guaranteed all the time) drop from the blue/exemplar or purple/paragon chests from doing the daily quests.