Breasts enlarge when on horse

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A repost from general forums:

Finally tried out mounts and first thing I noticed is that my character’s breasts grow to the ridiculous default size when seated in saddle. Is it just me? I’m on PS4 Pro. Maybe it’s not universal, I’ll try again with different character once I tame another horse.

Please let me live my Godiva fantasies with the body of my choosing! No shame to the voluptuous, but I create characters on the smaller size because they look less cartoony in this game. Being forced to ride around with the “default” look (topless or armored) is disheartening and invalidates our personalized avatars. I’m sure this is something the devs overlooked and didn’t prioritize, but surely it’s a simple fix.

I also noticed this bug in the past with the sleeping pose of offline players.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Mount a horse
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Bigger boobs just by jumping on a horse?? :thinking::thinking: might have to get the missus into horse riding :joy::joy::joy:


Here’s a video:


Best Horse ever!


Hi @GroovyNoody, thank you for sharing your concerns with us, we’re already aware of this issue and we assure you it’s not intentional, so it should be addressed in an upcoming patch.


Personally I feel this should go in the rhino folder. But that’s just my opinion, some bugs are just fun. The horse is the potion of endowment for the ladies. :joy:


Must only work for small breasts. Mine are maxed out. Tried jumping on the horse looking for Dolly Pardon but found no change. Too bad we can’t place our T4 Entertainers on horses. Lol


Boooooooo. Way to suck the fun right out of the game.


I bet the T4 entertainers, wish they could ride that horse for that benefit.


We had the same thought, as I just got 2 T4 Entertainers since the update. I would of had 2 to 3 more, but my thrall was one shoting everything in sight with the 2 handed Blade of the Adventurer with master weapons kit installed on it during a leveling run. Now I have to scout the The Summoning Place and another location not too far from the Summoning Place before I bring any thralls with me.

@Zeb we found your fix!!! :laughing:

I sure would like to put mine there. Geez… I know some of us ladies come in small packages, but my poor T4 entertainers, no other outfit fits them nicely, they just seem so disappointed…


We can rename them now so implants should be next.


Know that I suffered the exact opposite issue, breast dimished when I mounted the horse… damned silicon, it was cheap material! :slight_smile:

(I suppose the character goes “middle” when mounts)

If I may chime in, I noticed that my female character’s breast physics stopped working after riding a horse. And yeah come to think of it, her breasts did look bigger while riding… :joy:

Lucky you, my b.e.w.b.s. (best ever warrior between sisters) physic dies after 1 minute in game, no matter what action I take, so basically I’m always “stone-breasted” :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine are smaller after mounting horse. Damn if that doesn’t sound right???

OMG! Broken fix this!!! :rofl:

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