Brimstone Lake Nodes All Blocked! 1107

Game mode: Official Server
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Cheaters
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP
Region: Germany 1107

Server Number: 1107

Our server has an issue with a cheating a rule breaking clan.

Number 1 they have covered all the Brimstone nodes on Brimstone lake. No one can mine them.

They never come online yet they’re still blocking the nodes which is against the terms of an official server.

We’ve also heard that they’ve built a base under the map at the sinkhole haven’t seen this myself but also worth investigating.

The main issue is all the Brimstone blocked for all players. Fix this please!

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HI, I can’t @ or direct message users my account will not allow this.

You need to read Narelles’s post above. It clearly states what you need to do to be able to send messages.


30 different messages! I have to wait to read 30 Messages before I can report an issue causing players to leave the server before you’ll do anything. You should have just fixed this issue a long time ago.

3 more to go. It wasn’t that hard, wasn’t it.


If only you could fix things as fast as you reply

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