Brimstone node problems

I am hitting the brimstone node 5 times before it disappears and only get brimstone 1 or 2 times out of the 5 hits and the tool i am using is steel

I believe the nodes only give two returns now that the yields are much higher. If you listen to the sound effects, you only hear it successfully hit twice during the swings.

Nope, I heard “successful” hits each time.
That was on live version though and now on testlive I’m getting brimstone on every hit again.

I think the most recent dev stream or one prior said it was to disperse brimstone with every hit. So this does sound like a bug.

I have never got brimstone on every hit on live…I found if i move around the node as i hit and stop when i get brimstone,stay in that spot,continue moving if I get nothing…I get a lot more brimstone…now on test live I get brimstone every swing.

Yesterday just minutes before a connection lost I wasn’t able to get brimstone at all with pickaxe nodes were destroying sounds were played no yield occured. From the crock cave. official serv PC PVE#2-F