Bring back 3558, need help with Toxic PVP Alpha Clan

Are there any groups left that assist with toxic alpha clans. 3558 was my original server and at one time was a ton of fun with lots of good players. Now it has been ruined by “War Machine ;)”. If you build literally anything at all they make it a point to destroy it.

If there are any groups out there that can help bring back this server that would be awesome.

I’m not in a group but I will join your clan and help you take them down. I hate bullies! My ps name is the same if you wanna hit me up

How are they toxic…just in case I wanna help, I like to make sure it is toxic and just not aggressive. Toxic means they cheat and kill noobs, aggressive is just pvpers pvping.

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Will do. I will send you a friend invite tonight. I don’t have much cause I keep getting wiped but what I have I will share.

I agree with what you are saying. I do not play Conan because it is “easy”, but this clan essentially wants the official server to be a one clan server. I will not say they “cheat” they just grief players into leaving. I reached out to the leader several times he told me I will not be allowed to build on “his” server. I am ok with raiding and competition but just destroying everything without cause or possiblity of growth just kills the player base.

Sent you a friend request. I have a mic if you want to chat sometime!

Guessing this is the “Former member that was kicked” thought he could come back recently and build a castle in peace lol. I told him no its a pvp server not a pve server. Most of our friends we’ve made are people that we have attacked or has attacked us.

There are some that we still don’t get along with example here.

There are a couple groups currently building up just not former members that we’ve had issues with them or friends of there’s.

It’s a game… about being a Barbarian. The perks don’t spell out S.A.V.A.G.E.S for no reason.

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Sounds like you guys are just aggressive…not toxic. It is almost like I have played with y’all before. Like I may be still locked in one of your bases. Y’all do that to me alot:)

@Roguejester490 loving the PVP server!

Land claiming is considered bad practice on official servers…i do consider that toxic.

I’ve been on that server before. The land claim spam is ridiculous, the leader calls it a “trunk line” to connect all his empty bases together so the enemy won’t know which one to hit. I logged in last night and saw what I assume was the poster’s clan godding the alpha in the mounds at the crevice. Not all of the clan’s players are bad though. Some of the guys in there don’t like the spam but the leader has an ego and won’t let it go.

That all being said. You need to know that none of their stuff is in that direction, well none of the leader’s stuff is in that direction. It’s out on the islands in the jungle. The one with the ghost on it. He body vaults most of his stuff though but he used to keep a ton of stuff out there and as cocky as he is, I doubt he’s changed it up.

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I think one of the new clans on the server have been reporting all the violations (complete screenshots) such as land claiming so hopefully the admins will take care of this problem.

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