Bring back Flawless

Why remove something that wasn’t broken, flawless has been in the game from day one!

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They making a new game, without even noticing it. They forget they got an old map, just focusing trying to fix mistakes brought with the new one.

But also, they dont care. They haven’t been carying for a long time. They want the game to look fancy and have nice features, but really dont understand to make the actual gameplay good.

I watched the latest dev stream where they answered questions, and one specific question made me have enough just because of the answer. It was “make thralls farm for us” when the answer was just some smiling and such and not an instant NO. I really dont understand to see the point of playing anymore.

They trying to much instead of making it simple.

No, don’t bring back Flawless. The new system is much better.


Yes, but on Day 1 there weren’t as many types of weapons and armors in the game as there are now. They’ve added lots of new items since and continue to do so. Once you’re Level 60 and have a lot of recipes unlocked, the amount of clutter in the Blacksmith’s and Armorer’s Bench was a mess. Especially if you own several, or even all, of the DLCs which add many more versions of weapons and armors to both.

I’m glad they’re addressing this clutter now before the game gets even more items added. With a good Thrall you still get the same benefits (or even more) than Exceptional or Flawless items provided, but with almost 2/3rds less unnecessary clutter all over the crafting menus. This is great and I really think you should give it a fair chance first. You still get all the benefits of a good thrall improving the item quality, so what was really lost except the name ‘Flawless’?

I think they’re trying to do the exact opposite, which is great. Unfortunately the introduction of different types of top tier crafting stations makes this overall change arguably a lateral step… the descriptions aren’t really clear which version offers what benefit, and I suspect most people will only ever use one of the two kinds.

Something they’ll improve with time, I’m sure!


Owning all Dlc other than Sipath my benches and on person crafting is completely cluttered.

I gave up scrolling and just search now, its that bad.

The biggest point of contention I have with the removal of armor designations is the absence of any simple, intuitive distinction. How am I supposed to know what set of armor is going to give me +1 to an attribute vs +2 to an attribute without reading into and recognizing the armor values? It’s not a major gripe of mine but they created an entirely separate issue by trying to fix the clutter in benches (which was definitely worth fixing).

It’s good that benches were streamlined but in practice this just displaces the confusion.

Yes they really should put that into the item description, like +2 Vitality.

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ok great remove the clutter but at what expense the cost of these new stations is way to high for what they do and why are we removing thralls from the equation?

people u are off topic don’t change the subject. The new system sucks why because what’s the point of a thrall now 2 extra points in damage woopie = lame. I know let me farm unstables for a week to get a thrall that gives 2 points extra in damage does nothing for speed of crafting. We loose cause thralls use too give bonus in speed and cost. but now its one or the other not both. So we loose

Agreed. Items crafted with these benefits need some sort of quality indicator on their icons. Maybe a number of small gold dots in the corner (1-3) matching the tier of thrall that produced it, and an appropriate icon indicating which type of T4 Thrall crafted it. Having to select each one individually and compare numbers to figure out which one is which falls under the unfortunate umbrella of tedium.

Seconded. I’m tired of having to browse Wikis for stuff the game knows and could easily display for us, and making a bunch of unnecessary clicks between screens to get the information just to prove what a hardcore pro gamer I am and that everyone else should stop offering suggestions on how the game might be improved and just click harder.

… Oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry.

Even putting aside the fact that the cost of these benches could very well be reduced in a future patch, I still disagree.

The crafting cost reduction now coming from the work bench essentially allows you to construct whatever T4 Thrall you need for the crafting cost reduction. How is harvesting and processing a fixed amount of resources more expensive than spending maybe dozens of hours trying to farm a specific T4 Thrall you needed for a work bench? Unless you’re quite lucky, you can probably build several of these new crafting stations before winning the RNG roll to get the equivalent T4 Thrall.

Furthermore, if you have multiple homes and bases, you can just craft more of these out of your late game resource stockpile instead of choosing between toting T4 Thralls between locations or doing the T4 farm grind all over again.

Personally, I think it’s quite nice for the player to have agency in this matter. I’ve lost track of how many times I stockpiled resources and put off crafting certain things until I had the appropriate T4 Thrall to make it cheaper. Now I can progress that whenever I want without having to wait for on dice rolls.

2 points of damage? That’s hardly the case now, but often was with the old system; a Flawless Star Metal Great Sword did 60 damage, exactly 2 points more than the 58 of a plain one. But craft a Star Metal Great Sword with a T4 Smith in v2.1 now and you should get a total of 70.8 damage (unless item statistics have changed in the new patch). Not to mention both the durability and weight should be superior to the old Flawless version.

Remember that this damage is further multiplied by other factors, such as Strength, Perks, Sunder/Penetration etc. So gaining almost 11 extra base damage to some high end weapons is hardly insignificant. One less hit to kill an enemy can be the difference between life and death… and, say, 30 less smacks on a big, juicy world boss? Yes, please!


If you ever take a look at the admin panel where you can spawn gear, you’ll notice there is a bunch of tedious names for different versions of one item. You have one for the plain, one for flawless, one for exceptional, and one for both. That’s four different entries.

The size of the database is huge because of that versioning. It may affect performance, which may be the key factor for the change.

It’s fine to make advancements in game systems like this, and overall, I strongly feel our Conan devs made the right call here. I think this is just the beginning, a new foundation to build off of. From what I’ve gathered, they’re battling 2 major issues with the old system right now:

  1. Needlessly Complex Crafting System
  2. UI Display of Recipes Makes Crafting very challenging on Non-PC Platforms

Both of these issues reduce accessibility to the content for players, while also increasing the mental-load it takes to learn the system.

While I believe this is a step in the right direction, there’s several areas it can be improved. Like, there are too many recipes STILL. List Filter Options are far from what we need here as well.

I feel like expanding the filter options, where UI content doesn’t initially fill the window, but rather, beckons the players to expand list headers, filter by: armor-weight, armor-stat, armor-DLC (including CE base), and material-requirement-tier. I feel like these minor UI improvements could drastically improve the experience.

For the flawless etc stuff. Wouldn’t it be cool if your crafter “CRIT” the craft rather than having a recipe for 1:1 determinism? That way we can embrace the improvements to the system, drive more engagement and repeat-armor crafting, as well as open up more content problem spaces to continue to enhance crafting thralls. (Should I be able to level-up my crafting thrall? Do they level from crafting? Combat? Both? Do the methods of Crafting Thrall progression affect the outcome? (Stats, Recipes, and more))

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There is a suggestion about tabs on the crafting menu. We need a tab for each tier (T1, T2, T3) to make building a little easier.

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No thank you, i like this changes, But i still believe a character should be proficient enough in one bench to make up to t4 items.
Maybe it wasn’t broken, but now is better. :^)

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