Bring back PVE-C within 24hrs

I don’t own this game, but I heard the dev in this game is doing great, as a ex-ARK player, I thought with this game fully released and the brillant PVE-C mode, this will be my game to play.

Now I’m just so glad I hesitated yesterday.

Removing PVE-C is stupid, and it says a lot about the dev team, and guess what, that is a HUGE first impression. “Sure the servers suck and we need more servers, let’s f*** the casual gamers”

It’s not just about stupidity, it’s about you don’t give a rat’s ■■■ about your player base.

The reputation of the dev of this game was great, and now, I donno.
If the dev acknowledge the problem and fix it within 24hrs (even that is not as fast as how you break it), I will give the game a try and try to forget about this incident, if not, well goodbye.

But again if you don’t fixed it by then there is no loss for you, you will prove your “f*** casual” mindset by then and probably will spit on my money anyway XD

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