Bring back PvP-Mayhem servers

Why aren’t there at least 2 in each region? I work nights so the raid windows don’t work for me and I’m sure there are a lot of other night shift players who agree.

In before “play unofficial.” no thanks

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yeah I agree, it would be atleast funny to have a couple of those.
It would be more like an event-type server for most people , like you go there with a big group of people and see how long you can survive

No, I think it would be a permanent-type server for most people who choose to play on it. Even if the raid window doesn’t clash with your schedule, it’s still something that throws the game balance off. Thralls are passive outside of the raid window, so it’s very easy to set up bombs and get into position at a base you intend to raid before raid times begin with no resistance.

I understand the purpose of restricting raids to prime time and i don’t have an issue with it. I just wish they left Mayhem as an option for those of us who want it. Is 10 extra servers really going to bankrupt you, Funcom? Hell, don’t add any servers, there are plenty of dead ones you can relaunch as Mayhem.