Bring back scenarios of TSW in SWL as an alternative version more difficult and allowing to play in group. PLEASE

I’d like to make a petition for them to add to SWL the same scenarios as in TSW.
Find the survivors, and defend them in several places on the map …
Have the obligation to run from the first floor of Mansion to the backyard because a group of survivors is attacked … And have to do the opposite just after …
Play a scenario with 5 players, with hordes of enemies …

Current scenarios (solo / duet) could be considered as learning scenarios.

Me, I want them to put the version “nightmare”.

The cards would be a little different (the Mansion would be open, and many rooms of the Castle currently inaccessible would also be used …)

Moreover, the problem of balancing rewards would not even exist. Just reward TSW versions scenarios the same rewards as normal versions.

Because seriously, currently a Scenario, it’s not difficult. At all.
It’s about 12-13 minutes, ok.

So, a “TSW” scenario that lasts the same duration, where is the problem?

But at least, have more VARIETY in the scenarios (without having to recreate content, since everything is already in the game) and allow a GROUP to play together.

I WANT THE OLD SCENARIOS OF TSW! I want to run everywhere, have the stress of seeing ghosts pass through the floors, or “bombs” that one-shot the Survivors when they come into contact …


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