Bring back the Beastlord

hi i was wondering if it would be possible to bring back the beastlord in the Den, atm the dragoon spawn 100% couldn’t it be like the black hand where the captain and the placeholder both can spawn ? Beastlord is very fitting to guard my pen plus as all place holder it come in both male and female unlike the named so i wish i was still able to get it thx


Agreed, beastlords were way more entertaining to hunt than these clones you get now.
At least we were able to get some nice chicks with any kind of look, now it’s Always the same boring clone :disappointed_relieved:

i sure hope they don’t also remove the captain in sepermeru if they ever put a named there Oo the way the black hand works with a place holder and a named alternating is really the best way to insure higher thrall diversity

I agree with bringing the beastlord back. Never understood the reason to make it male and give it a name. Now its just an army of archer clones.

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