Bring back the first encounters

i’ve been playing official siptah.

started chptr 2 and the new witch hunt didn’t spawn, the the chptr 1 encounters still did.
Now the witch hunt spawns and the chptr 1 encounters do not.

however as far as i can tell killing the sorcerer in the witch hunt a few times, the only significant thing is it drops a skull worth more coins. 2x that of capturing a sorc normally it seems. which is nice and all.
the problem is you can get skulls and coins from any sorc. but there were things in the chptr 1 encounters you could not get on Siptah. and now you cant again. because those encounters are gone.

I say get rid of the witch hunt encounter if you cant get it to work. and bring back the old encounters. the witch hunt is cool the first couple times you see and do it but having it be the only encounter really isnt the way to go.

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