Bring back the Old School Stamina Fatigue System to bring back stamina management skill gap in PvP

It wasn’t a proposal at all, and far from my wishes

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Sorry, but ill miss your point on staming out longer.
Not everything is based on pvping.
On pvp servers you need farmers, as far as i noticed you are not a farmer and if you are than you are not running around with max encumbrance.

With the old stamina i was be able to run away from multiple fight buillds.
Now a days its alot harder because my stam hardly goes up.
Than with the idea of staming out longer, im probably dead when it just happens once since it already takes way to long to get your stam back.

What armor are you wearing and do you use stam regen food?

Heavy armor encumbrance.

You could say use light or medium, but than those ‘pvpers’ will out stam you with their horses.

At this stage if a fighter build catch you in a encumbrance build while being 101%+ you are just gonna be death.

From a pvp POV i would say that fighters should get the sigil for 20-25% of the attacks there is a chance of stamina not being used. Wich makes it abit easier to kill someone before they restam again.

I preffer your original idea of getting the old stamina system back.

From your POV as a fighter on a pvp server it makes it more challenging.
And from my Pov as a farmer (most of the time and only as a fighter when needed.) it makes me feel like i stand a chance while being over encumbered.

Funcom did forget that we lost our grit points to the 30 survival perk, also the 3rd grit doesnt work as good anymore as it was before the update.

I always did run a agil 1 and grit 3rd build. Now i dont see the difference with stam when ill use a agil 1 and grit 1 build while being overencumbered.

Stamina changes are benefiting PvE players. So i don’t agree on bringing back the old system.
Just for the sake of PvP is not a good enough argument.

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What if PvP servers have Stamina in the old style and PvE servers have in the new style?

PvE-C can have a toggle between the two.

What would you call each Stamina Option, if it was a menu choice?

Disagree entirely.
I would have the stamina depleting even more punishing, if you run out entirely of stamina not only you can’t attack but you have to stop and have a time to take a breathe gasping and panting, locked in a brief animation… (Dragon dogma style).
So you have to be careful NOT to reduce to 0 your stamina bar or you become a real sitting duck.
Managing your tools is (to me) always the best way to enhance your skill, and stamina depletion should be way more relevant to me.

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