Bring the meta back under control

I’ve been working on a few short videos, usually within 2 to 3 minutes long that highlight a series of either exploits. Or how the original game has drifted from its intent. Due to certain metas. Like for example vaults being placed everywhere because that’s Now The Meta, or Foundation sprawling because of the trouble Shea’s. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the original intent but it’s now become the meta and it’s creating other issues and problems on the servers. Some servers are non playable do the amount of foundation sprawl there are literally thousands of foundation blocks that cover the entire map. It’s needs to be addressed and I talked about them in my videos, kind of a logical debate. But the developers need to implement a couple of small tweaks to bring the med it back under control.

Chinese Building #3

Chinese Builders #2

western builders #1

Vault Problem needs rework wish List

If any of your videos describe or showcase exploits then they will get removed from this forum as it violates Funcom’s community guidelines.
Instead I suggest you send them to the exploit hunters email address or a private message to Ignasis with them so he can forward it to the appropriate team.
By the way I’ve not looked at any of the videos you’ve linked to comment specifically on them … this is just a general FYI response.

Would it kill you to put on some pants before recording your videos? :laughing:


There are no videos of somebody doing some kind of malicious exploit these are all mechanics that exist in the game. That are manipulated, 2 take advantage of landscapes. Nothing illegal, or hacking. I don’t believe in that stuff this is just people using the meta to their advantage. And I’m posting these videos to highlight, problems that need to be tweet. Re-evaluated


If you guys speak about the curent meta, why is nobody talking about the all in one spear domination ? We need something to downscale it power or a buff on other weapons !

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Not an exploit, though I agree that the building meta is absolutely terrible. Why? Because building pieces have too high HP. Imo they should get back to the stats they had before the Frozen North add on. If that is so, you could easily remove single foundations with explosives and it would be fair again.

I understand the intention to make fort-like bases not too easy to raid. But on the other hand in buffing this plain and unprotected building style, funcom made the pillar base with foundation spam almost invincible.

Also raiding tactics consist mostly of exploits. Such as using Jebbhal Sags broken damage radius, landclaim wars ect. ect…

I really think that we have to accept that things placed on the ground are vulnerable and then find a proper balance regarding well-build defenses and raiding materials.

They only use the vault for land claims and storage during pvp battle in the area i have raided this people on asian server before with the god dupe most of the vault are empty.

But right now they might be usefull to them with the dismantling bench duping they probably need this vault to store dupe steels bars they only need to farm blackice and insulated woods now.
Expect more vault around obelisk especially on sinkhole they will fill that area with vault and foundations.

There are dozens of threads discussing the spear. Probably not necessary to turn this thread into another discussion on the spear. Funcom has also stated that they’re going to make other weapons more competitive.

Nothing shown in these vids is new. I think many have seen far far worse vault and foundation spam, I know I have. Want to combat this, change decay rates to increase the larger your spam gets within a certain radius and after reaching a certain threshold size. So at say 100 foundations you still get 6 days, but at 1000 you get 24 hours and at 2000 you get 20 minutes. Vaults can be restricted by requiring structure under them (either foundations or ceilings).

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This would be a problem for the vault’s durability. There’d be no need to break the vault - just break the floor underneath and the vault gets destroyed too.

there is science behaind power of spear, nothing like unrealistic op


why? why? why in the name of satan?
i just dont get why somone waste so much time for doing this /-@§´+*

There is science on arrows…but they got nerfed to rp and anti climb raiding at best.


Meta and Wish list Rework

Base Building Mate #2

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Very good, ypu forgot the greatest meta exploit: the debug feature called the event log and how it can exploited.

From the other side of the map and even offline to know someone stole or destroyed something while you where not guarding your base.

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None of this is new.

I’ve only played on console, but plenty of servers on PS4 were locked down with foundation sprawl, obelisk blocking, hell walling off the entire noob beach from the spawn in point back last May.

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