Bring the patch today ffs

Since 3-4 days this game is totally unplayable - so much im thinking about quitting because i waste all my time in endless loading screens or the server isnt even online. I cant walk 1 meter away from the base otherwise i have to wait 3 hours afer a crash to get in my house again. ITS HORRIBLE DO SOMETHING!!!

OServer 1202

Frustrating, I know. During early EA I got trapped in a ditch between a base wall and a mountain and had to wait 5 RL months to get out. By the time they turned on suicide and death by hunger/thirst, I had already leveled up on another server. There was no climbing back then. There was no /stuck command to teleport you to the last safe location.

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Meh, that sucks. Sorry to hear that

Is there still a /stuck command? I swear I’ve tried it but it didn’t do anything…

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