Bro Grim: NoBld Limit/AoC/FlyingMount/RP+/Boosted - Exiles lands

kit, server hub, teleport. prepaid. No build limits. tons of deco. Come get some! with 20 slots to start with money in the pot to expand as big as we need! Lets build my friends!

Now 20 slots and TONS of room to build amazing clan bases. Ewok village hub added. Arena and dungeons. Admin content. Light Sabers!

added new starter area and vendor to make grinding magic easier. AoC active. Pet Fighting Arena!!!

Pizza and girls!

New York, USA based server. AoC, sky island. NO BUILD LIMITS for creative builds.

  • Lots of building kits: N Timber, Cathedral, glass, Jungle, Stygian…
  • Tons of character customization with haircuts, accessories, outfits, attachables
  • Flying mount and pets for reaching level tiers
  • Magic Tower with npc’s and vendors to make learning magic easier
  • Pet Arena - pet-on-pet thunderdome!
  • 10-wave PvE Arena with loots
  • lots of admin added content

Player fun drives the decisions. with discord:

added immersive armors and high heels, yippeee!