Broke game unplayable

Why is lightning storm better than gods and why they so easy to get jokecom


Because clans need a smackin

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I’m not entirely convinced that we needed yet another thread about the lightning storm… But since this thread or the OP don’t specify that it’s PvP-specific, I’ll try something constructive.

Lightning storm is quick and easy to construct once you unlock it, so you can take it and cast it when going to fight against something annoying, such as the Mi-Go in the Portal to Yuggoth event. It won’t win you the fight alone, but it’ll help. You wouldn’t waste a God on something like that.

But Lightning Storm requires you to be seriously corrupted, making you weaker otherwise. Avatars are a heavy resource investment, but you’ll still be at 100 % strength and be ready to use it. Not that using an Avatar is cost-effective anyway.


Bro it’s easy to farm and does way to much damage, also goes through structures destroying all the crafting benches . And everything. It’s dope it does building damage but it’s way too op and aoe is strong af destroying more than half a base with a single lightning storm , also causes players to base camp waiting to do darkness, makes the game boring af and a tedious chore if you ask me

It kills you too, you have to stand still when you cast the spell. In a pve c server I died from my own lightning. That means you’re easy target!
But anyway, I don’t pvp anymore so I better not say more!

Dude you nuts? When you run around with an avatar token in your inventory, EVERYONE can see your position.

When you start using it, you have NO control over your character and even a dude with stone daggers can delete you.

Storm? Well fire and forget. By the time they notice you, you are long gone, lol.

Lol how you die to that? Even if you would be the only target, you can always pot in between strikes.

Unless you go like a noob with less than 15 points in VItality…

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lets do a reality check. Next time there’s a storm put a lightning rod at the wall of your home and record the results. I bet you the results will be the same. I live in Kansas part of Tornado Alley and have seen people, houses, and trees struck by lightning. Want to see footage search 1966 Tornado Topeka Kansas on youtube. There’s a reason an F5 is called the wrath of God.

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As I said, I tried to be constructive. It would’ve been something new in all the threads about Lightning Strike, at least.

I didn’t really seriously expect anyone to follow my example.

Exactly :wink:.

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Simple answer don’t mess with the element’s if you can’t handle the results. Google death by lightning. 11 dead in 2021, 17 in 2020, and 21 in each 2019 & 2018. You mess with nature it tends to bite back.

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Oh I will, if you won’t die you won’t learn. If you won’t have conversations about it, you will never learn your mistakes. See above @AxeIsAnnoying already point me one :wink:. We must talk to each other fellow exile, only this way we will learn the game faster. Only this way we will understand each other :man_shrugging:. In this game however you never die :wink:.

no it doesn’t kill you by your own lightning storm. Have you ever used it before? :rofl:

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I just wiped an entire official server, bases that took months to make in one night with lightning storms that took me about 30 mins to craft all of them. The people arguing that they aren’t broken either don’t play the game or don’t play pvp.

Wait…wha? So this META-OP feature that breaks the game can only be backfired on by a noob with low HP? Make up your mind. Is it a dangerous OP thing that kills base and thrall instantly or is it something that only noobs die from?

You have plenty of time to cast it and move out from under cloud. So technically only lag or being bad will kill you.

Yes it did! I wouldn’t say something I didn’t experience here, it’s not right. I was on a private pvec server, in the jungle. I made all the apes to follow me and I climbed on a tree to test it. Until I start the spell, it was my first time so ofcurce I was very slow, almost all the apes gone! So since I didn’t hit anything, I decided to go off the tree and try other spells. On the way down a thunder struck me and die instantly . Hey, I kill something after all :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So if this happens on pvec then it’s the same on pvp I guess! Other than that you can ask @AxeIsAnnoying, his friendly teasing is giving me the impression that it can happen on pvp too, that’s why you place 3 perks on vitality to protect your self. But I never try it in pvp, after 2.4 I don’t participate on pvp servers anymore. Until then however I count at least 2k hours in this mode. Multiple times sayed this, my best pve days were on pvp servers!

and wak had a vid about killing himself with it.

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I play the game however I haven’t played PvP in years because it is toxic. Players on PvP servers are known to use any exploit to win especially when it’s game mechanics.