Broken Billing System

How is it possible that the Funcom billing system is broken? I get the fact that my credit card companies declined the initial sub request as possible fraud. I have not had a paid sub since 2017. But after finally getting a monthly sub paid on 3-24 I tried again to buy a 12 month sub only to have my CC decline the transaction again.

Needless to say I am mad as heck at my CC company, but then I tried to log in without the 12 month sub and the goodies it was to bring, ONLY to find out Funcom froze my account for LACK of payment. This is absurd as I have a sub paid through 4-23-19. I get how you have no control over my CC company declining the purchase. But why would you lock me out of a paid account.

I did submit a ticket through the support system, but wanted others to know what happened to me. Shame on me for not reading other posts as it appears this is a known issue. Way to go Funcom, you screwed me over with a system that cannot tell my account was paid for another 25 days…

shame on me for trying to support them…


its been since march 19th for me man Funcom Support #1107228 god knows when they will get to it

I’ve been waiting since 9th of March… Let’s just keep hoping lol

I’ve just written off my extra $95.40 charge as a lost cause for now since it seems like it may not be any time soon I will see that money back, assuming I even get the double charge refunded (I am not assuming anything at this point.) I’ve never had any real issues with FC’s payment system over the many years I’ve played the game and the hundreds/thousand+ dollars I’ve spent, but of course when I decided to get the 12 month sub, that’s when it hits the fan. :roll_eyes:

Support is working through a big backlog atm, so things are taking a while… but when you do get help, I’ve always had good experience with them. They’re very helpful to solve issues with payments.

Don’t give up! Send a complain letter to FC’s main email, or do the following suggested by another user:
“I have the same thing as do many people. 7 days and counting and all I want is my 35 bucks refunded. If you want and you live in the U.S. you can lodge a complaint to the federal trade commission (877)FTC-HELP or 877-382-4357. They are there to help when taking real legal action is out of the question. Probably wont do much unless a ton of people do it, but it was nice to feel like someone was on my side”

Well, i don’t live in the US, the only option i have is sue them and i will because this is fraud, took my money and did not allow access to what i paid for, Ticket [Funcom #1117248]!

What? They aren’t helpful at all. That’s literally what this thread and many others like it are about. They have a backlog because they are failing. They have created the backlog and ensured it stayed that way, you understand that right? The decision has been made to keep things this way on purpose. If you have a bottleneck that’s stopping you from providing your service then you allocate resources accordingly to make sure the problem is solved. However, that costs money, and now that Funcom has your money they are deciding they aren’t going to be spending it in a way that ensures you get what you paid for. The issue is plain.

Try to name one other service or product you pay for whose support comes anywhere near the level of failure as Funcom’s. Imagine your water, electric, internet, cellular provider, any of them telling you it will be weeks if not months (if not never) before they can get you up and running.

Shameful and unacceptable.