Broken black skeleton loot table

Game mode: all
Problem: Broken loot table
Region: all

Skeletons at black keep still have broken/no loot table. The broke at same time as frost giants and still are not fixed

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Broken since Oct 2019, still not fixed

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill skeleton near obelisk
  2. Try to loot/ used to drop same loot as blue frost giants
  3. Get no loot

Hello @Clmbrks, we can confirm that this was an intentional change and not an issue.

Ahh that sucks used to live up that way and farm then for materials and loot now no reason to live any where near that area. That took away a fun past time

@Hugo, why was this intentional? When it comes to various “tiers” of enemies, Silent Legion Skeletons are definitely at top. Don’t stagger when hit? Check. Load you up with corruption? Check. Hit relatively hard compared to most enemies? Check. I would think that they would drop SOMETHING given the challenge they can present, especially inside the Black Keep where you can get ganged up on. When they did drop items, they weren’t dropping anything crazy to begin with, if anything instead of taking their drops away completely they should have added better drops, considering their difficulty went up as well.

Hey @BradMunkey, we’ll be sure to relay your feedback to the team.

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