Broken Doors/Broken Thralls/Wells/Broken Inventory/Broken Graphics Loading

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive
Version: not in game right now so can’t tell you
Problem: Crash | Bug | Misc
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

Since the big update about a week ago, the game has become frustratingly unplayable. Issues currently faced.

Login screen/Loading screen once server selected for login can take anywhere from 30 sec’s to 5mins, when I do get in graphics are bugged ie, have trees, shrubs rocks etc in previously cleared and built on space, if I stand still and wait around 5mins the graphics tend to load but I am then inevitably bugged, can move freely and interact with the world.

To fix, log out, log back in and I am nowhere near where I was standing when bugged.

Well won’t fill (I have seen this posted before just re-iterating) have rebuilt some wells, still not filling.

Doors won’t load, so can’t be seen, used or walked through

I know when I am about to crash because I get an unending warning that there is “not enough room in my inventory” even though there is plenty and I am not actively putting anything in them

Every single thrall I have cannot hold weapons, as soon as I equip them the weapons/shields go straight back to their inventory; the only workaround I have found for this is to fill their inventory so they are forced to hold their weapons.

If I crash, inevitably I end up spawning in the desert, which I believe is now part of the game I think I read it in some patch notes, but I also have spawned randomly north in the forested area, nowhere near anything.

Be good to have some workarounds and or an update that is going to fix this…

I don’t understand with such a big patch right before Live launch it has completely broken the game… not really exciting me for launch, because since the patch the game is more or less unplayable.

This is intended behavior and how the thralls act now. They don’t have their weapons out unless they are in combat. They automatically equip weapons and put them away after they are done fighting. Just an FYI on that issue.

TY sir, this I did not know!

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It is a very cool realistic behavior, keeps the immersion level high, just like the baby animals do now. I wouldn’t want my slaves to swing their weapons about all of the time, I sure don’t