Broken entertainers - again

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe, Ukraine
There are no mods

I do not want to be too intrusive, but there is one more problem with tralls, except their passivity and falling HP, which I already wrote about - but I did not wait for any reaction (except for some stupid joke of some clown :rage:). Perhaps this problem does not exist for as many users as others, but it does exist.

Many entertainers after the “Mother of Patchs” became inactive: they do not move, they do not give a buff, inventory is not available, “follow” is not available, when you try to move, the inscription “Do not touch!” appears.

Listen, people have spent a lot of time and effort to get a tralls like that on the 3rd or 4th level. Fix your bug.

In my experience:

The 3rd and 4th entertainers of the Heirs of the North, the Forgotten Tribe, the Dogs of Desert did not suffer.

Relic Hunters: 3rd level is not affected, both 4th-level entertainers are broken.

Both entertainers-exiles of the 4th level are broken.

The entertainers of the Black Hand of 3rd and 4th level is all broken.

First-level entertainers of Darfari are broken.

As far as I remember, all these my entertainers were received by me before the game was released.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Check the ID and the AI settings listed by me entertainer

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I can’t speak for the other entertainers, but I can say that in my singleplayer game, the 1st-lvl Darfari entertainers were working fine for me. Are you running any mods?

I do not have any mods at all.

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Никогда не замечал никаких проблем с танцорами. У меня есть танцоры первого, второго, третьего уровня, все в порядке. Четвертого нет, про них ничего не скажу.

As I understand, this problem does not exist in most players. I think I have been “broken” only an entertainer, which I received before the official release of the game. And it happened because of some changes made by the “Mother of Patchs”.

Have you tried starting a new game (singleplayer) or a new map (multiplayer)?

Large updates tend to break the database file that stores the map, player, thrall, ect. data. So when those are released, you typically want to start a new one.

My entertainer dances and gives the buff but the buff does not buff lol

Great advice :rofl:! Let’s all start a new game after each new patch :joy:!
Do business, dear. Giving advice is not yours.

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My entertainers dance,but getting the buff is very sporadic. Also it dosen’t stack very well…like it will get to 3 stacks then disappear or reset…annoying

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This is your first game of this type it appears. But yes after major patches you should wipe. I wonder if half the issues you all have is that you are running Early Access database files.

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