Broken game, refund wanted

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Priestking’s Retreat

Server 3517 All of my stuff is gone. I complained about my Set Temples disappearing and was told nothing could be replaced. I made a comment about wanting a refund and my comment was hidden for being offensive. Now, all of the most important items I owned have disappeared. So, today I hop back onto find that this has happened. Checked the log to find out my stuff had turned into lootbags and they decayed. Am I to assume that you’re willing to take player’s hard earned accomplishments but not willing to help them out when your game bugs out and costs them hundreds of hours worth of game time?

I’ve saved the majority of my posts and the responses I’ve recieved here and I’m seriously debating posting my experience elsewhere online. Until game companies take responsibility for their goods and services like any other respectable business the community as a whole.

And… Look at server 3517 where I was located and where my stuff was lost is no different from other clans that have built on the Northern Aqueduct.

I would like a refund please. The full cost of the game plus 2 DLCs. Take care of your customer the way you should and do it the right way for a change.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Unfortunately refunds are handled by the selling platform. As they sell the product they are the only ones to be able to refund. You have to deal with PlayStation Store customer service! You can explain to them that the game is unplayable and they will be the only judges.


I remember you from your previous post.
It sounds to me like you are losing items to the decay system.

Unfortunately Funcom won’t be able to refund you directly.
As Kearsan stated, you will need to take this up with the store you originally purchased the game from.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but due to the agreement you entered when you purchased the game, it is unlikely you will be refunded.

Good Luck!

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Why link to Steam’s EULA in the PS4 updates and bugs section? But yeah, getting a refund is highly unlikely, as Sony are very stringent when it comes to refunds.

It’s actually the Conan Exiles EULA, it’s generic. I couldn’t locate the PlayStation store version, and I had that to hand.

Broken game is not the big issue, it’s how it gets resolved and still in this case I agree.

You can do it with 3 products a year, I think in this case you can get your money back of the game and 2 DLCs that makes it 3 in total. Lucky you in this case.

Funny to think that DLC (MONEY) stuff got me killed (Bear Shanan, from hot to cold ressistence).

So, because something went wrong (Funcom says Sony) releasing the hotfix update, Funcom decided to decline the hotfix to release it with the “normal” patch.

Gamers in your face!

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Lost or broken items/ thralls - #4 by Hugo (reply)
No, you are not able to get a refund of items or anything else in-game (Conan Exiles EULA). The costs to hire ‘administrators for hundreds of servers’ have been stated to be too high. With item refunds, you’d also need to have enough evidence to show that a player has lost their items to a valid reason, for each individual case.

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Hello @Snoogans99, as it has already been mentioned in this thread we are unable to process refunds for any game or DLC as we do not sell these items directly to the consumer, you’ll have to reach out to the store that you’ve purchased your title from.

Regarding your items having decayed, did you previously check the decay timer for your structures?

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