Broken Glass bug on Weapon Rack

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America
There is currently a minor bug with this weapon on either the single slot or 3 slot weapon rack. On both racks the weapon is offset far from the beginning of the area where the “handle” would normally be, possibly due to the coding of this weapon as 1h vs “looking” like a dagger weapon.

Additionally on the 3 slot weapon rack the weapon is sunken into the mesh/texture of the rack slightly making it appear as if aprox 1/4 of the bottle area of the weapon is missing.

  1. acquire Broken Glass weapon
  2. create single and 3 slot weapon rack
  3. put weapon into either display
  4. observe placement mismatch.

Hello @Rangerman, thank you for the submission!

We’ve just registered this issue for the developers to look into.

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